General terms of service

Use of the MySeries website is allowed for all visitors, unless a visitor has been denied access by site administrators.
The website is divided into publicly available information and functionality which are available after registration. Registration is done by providing the desired username and an email address to MySeries. When registration is complete, an account is created. Only after a visitor agrees on these terms and conditions, he or she is considered a user of MySeries. MySeries reserves the right to block or delete an account, and to deny access to the website for the user in whole or in part at all times.
Personal information
The user can optionally add data to an account. My series is not responsible for indexation of this data by Google or other search engines. This data remains the property of the user associated with the account, and will be removed from the website upon request within 48 hours. Upon termination of an account, this data is automatically deleted within seven days. Undisclosed data, such as email addresses, remain visible for administrators of MySeries. However, termination will only happen in case of complaints by a recipient of a message or suspected abuse.
Contribute to the site
Users can contribute to the site by providing messages, reviews, and additions or modifications to information displayed on the site. MySeries acquires ownership at the time these contributions are posted on the site and they will not be deleted upon request. This includes sent messages that have not been deleted by the recipient.
Copyrighted material
MySeries does its best to keep the site clear of copyright infringement. When determining the placement of copyrighted material, directly or indirectly, that user will be warned and the corresponding contribution will be removed within 48 hours. If despite this effort the site still contains any unlawful tekst, photos, music, movies or other material, you can contact the owner of the site via [email protected].
Data usage
Taking over data, with the exception of reviews and news, from MySeries to other websites is permitted with due acknowledgment in the form of a link to the source page. MySeries does not guarantee the availability and accuracy of the information on the website.
These general terms of use were last changed on April 29, 2018